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December 15, 2010

2010's Ten Most Retweeted Tweets

Rihanna, Loud Over the last year Twitter has become so popular that it's only fitting that the company release a list of 2010’s Ten Most Retweeted Tweets. But what's surprising is that among all the influential people and companies in the world tweeting—President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Time magazine, to name a few—seven of the 10 most retweeted tweets were from musicians: Rihanna, Kanye West, Lady GaGa, Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Lil’ Wayne, and Drake all had their tweets retweeted by the masses more times than anyone else in 2010. In fact, Obama, Oprah, and Time didn’t even make the top 10. If this doesn’t show anything else, it definitely shows the power of music and the public's interest in what artists have to say. What’s next? Will Joe Jonas use his influence to run for office? Could happen...

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